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Average rating:  (4.8)
 , 10/2/2018 
Reviewer: Renee (Tallahassee, FL, )
Dr. Koberda is wonderfully kind and patient. He is welcoming. I am an African-American woman who is recovering from a concussion after a terrible accident. Dr. Koberda made me feel welcomed on every single visit. Since my concussion, I had constant headaches, speech trouble, memory problems, problems focusing, and light sensitivity. A previous doctor had only prescribed me medicine, however, Dr. Koberda offered me much more! I gained a chance to understand more about what my brain was undergoing and ways that I could care for myself. I underwent neural therapy options in his office, and my stomach was happy that medicines were not upon it! I feel so much better now! Recovery is possible and it can be facilitated with Dr. Koberda's specialized expertise. I would encourage anyone of any background to visit his office for his neural care.
 , 2/13/2018 
Reviewer: SWoodbery (, )
I sought assistance from Tallahassee Neurobalance Clinic in October 2017 for anxiety, depression and vertigo. After initial testing, I underwent 10 weekly sessions of Neurofeedback sessions. At each session I was able to express how my symptoms were being alleviated. Today I am symptom free! Dr. Koberda is a very special doctor that evidences a genuine concern for his patients. His entire staff is beyond professional and helpful, something you rarely find in a medical practice these days. A big THANK YOU!
 , 8/19/2016 
Reviewer: MSW (Tallahassee, )
I was diagnosed with Lyme last February. Classic symptoms of Lyme include insomnia and fractionated sleep, which inhibits deep healing. I have recently completed 10 sessions of neurofeedback training for sleep problems, and have to say I am extremely happy with the results. Before I began the training, I had not been dreaming for months. By the 10th session, I was having vivid dreams again, and remembering them. I bought a Jawbone Up before the training in order to measure the amount of time each night I was in REM, light, and deep sleep. Dr. Koberda mentioned that we all need at least 3 hours a night of deep plus REM sleep in order to feel rested. By the end of the training, I was sleeping through the night and my combined REM plus deep sleep time rose from around 2.5 hours per night to 4.5 to 5 hours a night. I feel rested in the mornings now, have no trouble staying asleep at night, have more stable moods, and basically feel mentally and physically great. I can also concentrate better and for longer periods of time at work. This is a wonderful program for anyone with sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Koberda is a world-class physician, and Tallahassee is extremely fortunate to have someone of his caliber practicing his specialty here. Thank you, Dr. Koberda!
 , 5/26/2015 
Reviewer: George (Tallahassee, )
: I was having issues relating to retirement and boredom. I had been seeing a stress counselor, who recommended Dr. Koberda. Being a lawyer, I was somewhat skeptical that these neurofeedback sessions would help. They did, and after completion of these sessions, I felt better about myself and my life in general. The positiveness that I have always prided myself on, fully returned. I no longer need the medication that was prescribed by others for me. I understand that this type of treatment is cutting edge; I certainly hope more more of this type of treatments are made available and covered by insurance. I am so thankful that I was able to overcome the circumstances that led me to Dr. Koberda. Thank you, Dr. Koberda, and thanks to his staff.
 , 5/25/2015 
Reviewer: Tamela (Tallahassee, FL, )
I was in the midst of deep depression, seriously considering ECT (shock therapy) when I was told about Dr. Koberda and neurofeedback. The neurofeedback has been a life changer for me, I am now able to function on a daily basis. what would normally would set me off into a deep depression, now due to God, Dr and Mrs Koberda and neurofeed, I am able to stop, think about and handle the sitution/s with an unclouded mind. It is so amazing to be able to do something I haven't ever been able to do in my whole LIFE, due to how badly depression muddles your mind and emotions. I sometimes stop now and just go WOW, I was able to deal with that situation, I was actually able to think rationally and keep my emotions in check! My memory has gotten so remarkably better. I am able to get out of bed, drive somewhere without forgetting where I am and what I am doing. I am able to have the conversation needed to handle a situation without struggling to keep my eyes open. Anyone with major depression and bipolar will understand what I am talking about. I was at a point in my life where I was so depressed that I was going to have an induced seizure to restart my brain. Thank God for Dr. and Mrs. Koberda and neurofeedback!! I truly wish that insurance would cover these non-invasive procedures like neurofeedback. They don't understand how much good neurofeedback is for people with major depression/bipolar. I don't have seizures but had the opportunity to talk with someone who does or should I say after neurofeedback HAD! Neurofeedback helps with memory problems, depression, seizures, different types of body pain, it helps people to be able to enjoy life better and insurance should cover it to help their patients. I truly hope the right people that work in the right places will read these testimonies,and get started on health insurance covering neurofeedback! I thank you Dr. Koberda for introducing me to neurofeedback and helping me with my total health!


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