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    ✓Provide patient care that is helpful to all, including those patients who do not respond
    to multiple medications including patients with depression and anxiety.
    ✓Improve brain function in patients with TBI, memory problems,
    Epilepsy, ADD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
    ✓Offer care that is prompt and cost effective
    ✓Perform research in the area of cognition and improvement of brain function.
    ✓Peak Performance training for academic and professional athletes-reduction
    of anxiety and an improvement of concentration
  • Neurological evaluations of former NFL players under BAP and MAF program-$ 1500 for MAF-evaluation.
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)-starts from $ 1500 per evaluation.


    EEG/QEEG (Brain Mapping) services for Bio-pharmaceutical companies for testing medications and medical devices.
    Neurological and neuropsychiatric evaluations of children, young adults and elderly populations.
  • Neurological and neuropsychiatric Skype telemedicine consultations (for patients interested in evaluation without coming to our office)-$ 250 for the initial consultation.
  • Alternative psychiatric therapy of depression and anxiety with neuromodulation (no medications)
  • Computerized neuropsychological testing (for evaluation of memory problems and cognitive deficits)
  • Services at your home-we come to you and complete testing and therapy in your location-if desired.
  • Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping) for evaluation of epilepsy and cognitive dysfunction.
  • LORETA electrical Imaging for evaluation of neurological problems.
  • Neurofield (low intensity electro-magnetic stimulation) services.
  • EEG-biofeedback (Neurofeedback) utilizing the newest Z-score LORETA therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Medical Evaluation and Certification for Medical Cannabis therapy.

Dr. J. Lucas Koberda and LORETA Neurofeedback Podcast

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Intensive Neurofeedback Therapy


"VIP service"

Dr. Koberda and his team are available to deliver neurotherapy services in your home regardless of your location. Due to advancement in technology and portability of electronic equipment we are able to set up a personalized therapy in your home settings. This offer would be suitable for those who need a complete privacy or are unable to travel to our center. Please call our office for details if interested in this option (850)-877-2802


Dr. Koberda is CEO and one of the founders of the "Brain Enhancement Inc." Non-for profit organization which focuses on therapy, research and development of effective neuromodulation therapy.

Dr. Koberda is also serving as Neurology consultant in Jacob's Ladder Neurodevelopmental School and Therapy Center located in Roswell and Buckhead, GA

Welcome to Tallahassee Neuro-Balance Center (TNBC)

Dr. Koberda has been accepted as MAF Qualified Physician by the NFL Concussion Settlement Program-Retired NFL players (or their representative) who has already registered in this Program are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koberda to be evaluated for possible Qualifying Diagnoses under the terms of NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement-please call 850-877-2802 to schedule your evaluation. Dr. Koberda collaborates on this project with Dr. Addeo who is a board certified neuropsychologist at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

FSU-Neurology Clinic at FSU campus-Health and Wellness Center has already started in November 2016. Dr. Koberda is seeing both faculty and students with any neurological or neuro-psychiatric problems. FSU athletes are also welcome.

Doctor Koberda has completed "Florida Physicians Low-THC Cannabis Course" and has started since January 2017 seeing patients for evaluations and certification to receive Medical Cannabis also called Medical Marijuana-please call our office for details at 850-877-2802. Several neurological conditions are considered for a compassionate Medical Cannabis including severe seizures (epilepsy), Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, chronic pain, PTSD as well as other medical conditions.

Olympic Swimmers are preparing for Brazil 2016 Olympics with
Dr. Koberda using a PeakPerformanceTraining and LORETA Neurofeedback-see attached link

Dr. Koberda also sees Pediatric Neurology and Neuropsychiatric Patients from Tallahassee and other areas age 5 and up-NO Referrals Needed

Welcome to Tallahassee Neurobalance Center (TNBC)-Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation Center-Neuromodulation and Neurological Reconstitution

TBI recovery with Neurofeedback Therapy

TALLAHASSEE NEUROBALANCE CENTER provides diagnosis and therapy of patients with use of state of the art neuromodulation therapy which includes advanced LORETA Neurofeedback and Low Energy Electromagnetic Stimulation. Our patients frequently come from remote locations (Los Angeles, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Montana, Georgia) in order to receive therapy in our center. Many of them were previously treated in well known medical centers including UCLA, Mayo Clinic, Emory University, NYU with no success but improved after neurofeedback therapy in our program (see testimonials and publications).The center is led by the neurologist (Dr. Koberda) who is one of only a few neurologists in our country who specializes in Neuromodulation/LORETA-Neurofeedback and QEEG/Brain Mapping.

Some of the patients who may benefit from referral to the center would include individuals with TBI, cognitive dysfunction (including memory problems), headaches, dizziness, epilepsy, head injury, prior stroke, Parkinson’s disease, auto related injuries, chronic pain conditions (who desire non-pharmacological treatment) and other neurological problems. Also behavioral problems including anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder are diagnosed and treated in this clinic. 

Both adults and children are welcome. Those with disequilibrium without obvious explanation and the elderly with frequent falls or imbalance will also benefit from evaluation in this clinic.



TNBC offers a state-of-the-art assessment of brain imbalances in patients with epilepsy,dementia, learning, behavioural and mood disorders. Also headache, chronic painand fibromyalgia patients may benefit from QEEG testing. 




Transforms Mental Wellness


 Interview with Dr. Koberda